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The General Exam As a responsible owner, your horses look to you to manage  their healthcare needs. While vaccinations are an integral part  of this, there are many other aspects of care that, if  overlooked, could lead to serious conditions for your horse  and significant expense for you. For this reason, Apple Valley  Equine recommends bi-annual health exams. These cover  evaluation of heart, lungs, hydration, temperature, eyes, teeth  and lumps or bumps. A general exam is not the same as a  lameness exam or pre-purchase exam.   Vaccinations Vaccine schedules are tailored to your horse’s specific needs  based on geographic location, risk and consequences of  disease, anticipation of exposure, age and previous vaccine  history. Core vaccines are those routinely given due to higher risk and seriousness of disease: These include: EWT – Eastern encephalitis / Western encephalitis / Tetanus West Nile Virus Rabies Non-core vaccines which may be recommended based on your horse’s needs include: Influenza Rhinopneumonitis Potomac Horse Fever Strangles Pneumabort Dr. McKee will discuss these with you and create a vaccine program best suited for your horse.