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Services Along with general preventive healthcare, Apple Valley Equine provides  lameness evaluations, thorough pre-purchase examinations, portable  digital radiology, dental healthcare with power float equipment, basic  surgical procedures, and reproductive services (including AI). We also  perform acupuncture, massage and K-Laser therapies.   Dr. McKee recommends biannual physical exams as part of a complete preventive health  program. This schedule has proven invaluable in catching problems while they are more  manageable and less costly.  
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Dental Care
Services commonly provided are routine ultrasounds to check for normal cycling, AI with cooled, shipped semen and treatment of reproductive disorders such as hormonal issues or uterine infections. Learn more...
Emergency Emergency
As a responsible owner, your horses look to you to manage their healthcare  needs. While vaccinations are an integral part of this, there are many other  aspects of care that, if overlooked, could lead to serious conditions for your  horse and significant expense for you. Learn more...  
Your horse’s dental health is extremely important, as it is the place where  digestion begins. It is not enough to go by whether or not your horse is  dropping feed. Dental issues could be present which cause pain or possible  infection. Occasionally horses have dental irregularities which simply  prevent them from breaking down their forage into a size that is digestible.  
Acupuncture     Learn more...